Alex Symcox

'Why Is Greenland Melting?' (Over 1 Million Facebook Video Views)



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Pilot TV Show - 2017

I've been selected as composer for a new comedy drama TBC 2017 


Vienna - August 2017

I was incredibly fortunate to have been mentored by composer Joe Kraemer (Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation / Jack Reacher) & Conrad Pope orchestrator (The Hobbit / Harry Potter) through my orchestra recording session at the VSL Synchron Stage in Vienna. Two of the biggest names in film music !


Why Is Greenland Melting? - July 2017

I wrote the soundtrack for the 360 VR film - 'Why is Greenland Melting?' which is now on PBS Frontline Online. From here, I also composed the music for the feature walk-around VR project of the same name, which will be screened and competing at the 74th Venice Film Festival.


'If I Can't Dance At Your Revolution, I'm Not Coming' - March 2017 

Director Jan Kobal's new documentary focussing on Ukraines recent revolution is now showing on Zenith




Classically Trained..

 .. at three of the worlds top music conservatoires, 

Alex's fresh perspective crafts modern 

and new sound worlds together for the world of film.